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world cancer day #iamandiwill

this year marks the 20th celebration of world cancer day – it began with six cancer experts who convened in paris in 1999. with the year 2000 imminent, the group was determined that the global challenge of cancer would not be forgotten in the new century.

as we welcome a new decade and look forward to the challenges ahead, access to quality care, continued funding for cancer research and greater understanding of cancer continue to be priorities. our role at the cancer collaborative is to ensure that patients have access to innovations, that governments, payors, decision makers and policy makers not only understand the economic drivers of these decisions but also the impact on patients lives, on healthcare systems and on society. creating dialogues that shift away from cost and focus on value, that recognize the need for system change, for system readiness and that delivers on canadian values of healthcare. 

cancer affects us all, regardless of whether we or someone we know has been affected by it, it affects our healthcare system, our hospitals,  it impacts the decisions made behind closed doors in government offices, our economy, our productivity. as we look at what lies ahead for us at the cancer collaborative in 2020 and beyond,  and on this world cancer day, we recognize that our commitment to act will lead to powerful progress in reducing the global impact of cancer, but also in creating equity to access of care, of treatments, and to innovation across canada. 

so, this 4th of february whoever you are, your actions – big and small -will make lasting, positive change. because, progress is possible. we need your commitment to create a cancer free world, but also to help us create a cancer world for canadian patients that responds to their needs today and tomorrow. 


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