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collaboration and exchange for change

a collaborative ecosystem where cancer advocacy groups can converge, collaborate, and synergize their efforts. the platform facilitates joint initiatives, encouraging a unified approach to addressing common challenge and serves as a nexus for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and strategies.


cancer is no laughing matter, but sometimes, you've just got to find the humour in the chaos. that's why we're inviting cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and advocates to share their frustrations, wishes, and even funny quips about their cancer experiences by holding up a cardboard sign. cancer meets dude with a sign.


whether it's poking fun at the endless waiting room waits or expressing a real desire for change in cancer care, the #CANCERWITHASIGN campaign is all about using humour as a powerful tool for connection and advocacy.

grab a marker, get creative, and join us in sparking conversations about the ups and downs of the cancer journey. together, let's turn our frustrations into fuel for change. 

share your sign, share your story, and let's make some noise for a world where cancer isn't just survivable—it's laughable. join the CANCER WITH A SIGN campaign today!


dm us @cancerwithasign or send an email to


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