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precision medicine awareness month launches in canada

throughout the month of november, the cancer collaborative in collaboration with the european cancer patients coalition [ECPC] will highlight the growing role that precision medicine plays in oncology through the CRACKING THE CANCER CODE campaign.  

the premise of precision oncology is to treat patients based on the molecular characteristics of the tumour and employs the use of diverse strategies in cancer care from the use of targeted therapies to application of comprehensive genomic profiling, such as next generation sequencing [NGS] to guide patient care.

this is the second year the campaign has had a presence in canada- in 2020, the campaign will continue to focus on creating awareness on precision medicine, its role in oncology and the growing importance of biomarkers.

the hope of precision medicine is that treatments will one day be tailored to the genetic changes in each person’s cancer, therefore the cancer collaborative is calling for greater access to molecular testing to help patients get the right treatment for them, today.

the cancer collaborative is calling for

  1. increased access and decrease waiting times for high quality molecular testing across canada;

  2. information to educate and empower patients and caregivers around the potential and availability of molecular testing;

  3. a harmonised and more efficient pathway across canada to implement and realize the promise and potential of personalized medicine

as well as the outreach on precision medicine and biomarkers the cancer collaborative will be launching a survey for healthcare professionals to understand the variability of testing across canada as well as a survey for patients to better understand their knowledge of biomarkers with the goal of empowering patients with the knowledge to ask for testing at diagnosis. interested in finding out more contact us at


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