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open letter: let’s put cancer at the top of the agenda

as the ministers of health across the country meet in vancouver over the next couple of days, the CANCER ACTION NOW ALLIANCE members have drafted a letter to remind them of the canadians, who every day are diagnosed, treated, screened and die from cancer. an ongoing endemic that never seems to be prioritized in this country.

the cancer action now alliance is asking for health ministers to:

  1. Commit to address backlogs in cancer diagnosis and care by increasing cancer screening and treatment capacity by at least 10% over pre-pandemic levels for a period of three years to regain ground we have lost due to the interruptions caused by the pandemic. This figure is in consensus with research conducted by the McGill Task Force on the Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Control and Care.ii

  2. Commit new investments in health care to the improvement of measurable value-based patient outcomes in cancer with meaningful input from cancer stakeholders including patient and caregiver representatives.

  3. Use the Federal / Provincial / Territorial structure to convene a pan-Canadian working group to address the issues impacting cancer delivery systems.

read the letter here


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