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current biomarkers in cancer

biomarker testing has revolutionized cancer treatment for many tumour types.

biomarkers is a term used to describe many different potential markers of cancer development and progression. these markers can come in many forms – – proteins, biochemicals, DNA and RNA.

physicians are increasingly using cancer biomarkers to gain more information about a patient’s tumour to predict the treatment that is most likely to work against their unique cancer.

once biomarkers are identified, the next step is to determine if any of the alterations are actionable – that is, whether there’s a genetic change driving tumour growth that can be targeted with an available drug [targeted therapies- see previous post]

below are some biomarkers currently being tested in cancer- this is not meant to be exhaustive of the current biomarkers currently being used but just to serve as informational. throughout the week we’ll be sharing more information on different biomarkers and understand how biomarkers with targeted therapies can make a difference.


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