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tweets, chats, and posts: using social media to transcend boundaries & create opportunities for pts

patients are eager for participatory discussions and those who participate in those discussions demonstrate high rates of knowledge improvement including information on surgery, reconstruction, radiation, chemotherapy, and clinical trials. this demonstrates that the flow of information on social media and the relationships that form between health care stakeholders is multi-directional between patients, patient advocates, and physicians. and this can also be an active and formalized process.

physicians and researchers are looking to where the patients are, what’s online and on social media. social media is particularly valuable for recruiting patients for clinical trials. patients are influencing cancer care in unprecedented ways. patients and patient advocates who are behind the growing legislation for dense breast notifications.

organizations are looking to bridge the gap between patients and researchers. and they’re asking patients directly to share their data, to share their medical history, and partner with researchers directly. so whether it’s policy, advocacy, research dollars, clinical trials, social media is ushering in a new paradigm for cancer research and advocacy. and its potential is limitless.


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