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time for action- takeaways from the 2019 cadth symposium

the annual canadian agency for drug and technologes in health CADTH symposium was held in edmonton, alberta with nearly 700 professionals ranging from HTAers, health economists, prescribers, policy makers, decision makers, industry and patient groups, convening over two days with the conference theme on supporting healthcare transformation.

as canada seeks to double its health and biosciences sector and become a top three global hub by 2026, what actions are necessary to create a favourable environment for investment but also for health system transformation? 

to meet these challenges CADTH suggests that collaboration amongst the organizations that deliver HTA | HTM across canada—to build a more connected healthcare ecosystem that better manages the introduction and use of technologies while supporting health system transformation, driving change, fostering collaboration, modernizing approaches and having political willingness in setting healthcare priorities, delivery models, organizational structures and funding. a connected healthcare ecosystem that also recognizes the value of the patient in the discussion will play a crucial role in not only supporting health system transformation but in the transformation of how we deliver healthcare.

we are only at the cusp of this torrent of innovation in technologies and therapies that bring about the possibility of real change. but despite these significant breakthroughs and innovations transformation can not be met without the necessary social and cultural changes that go hand in hand. change happens so much faster than what most of us think it will and as we think about innovation and health system transformation, we need to consider how ready our system is, to innovate, to tackle uncertainty, to modernize and create better outcomes for patients.

a federal commitment to becoming a global hub in the life sciences and biotech industry is certainly a good step forward, but are we as stakeholders ready to undertake the necessary changes and challenges that come from such an undertaking. is our health system ready to start thinking about health data infrastructure, managing risk through innovative thinking in the regulatory and reimbursement process,using tools to tackle that uncertainty, including the use of real world evidence and moving from a first dollar rebate mindset to value-based outcomes and approaches and creating a sustainable healthcare system while building a competitive market place?

can we move away from discussions about hype and hope in healthcare systems to actual action that supports healthcare transformation? my hope is that CADTH begins to think about more actionable items as they start to prepare for CADTH 2020 and how we can deliver, as an ecosystem on the promise of innovation for patients.


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