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colab.notebook ASCO edition

CHICAGO- once again the american society for clinical oncology [ASCO] featured the latest news, information and data about advances in clinical cancer, however the program context also reflected a desire to broaden the reach of those advances and ensure the maximum number of patients derive maximum benefit. a substantial portion of the program was devoted to issues such as access to care; social, economic, and clinical disparities; use of technology to broaden the reach of cancer care and make it more efficient; greater emphasis on patient-reported outcomes and shared decision-making; and caring for the growing population of cancer survivors.

led by ASCO president bruce johnson, a cancer survivor himself, the working theme for the 54th annual, meeting delivering discoveries: expanding the reach of precision medicine – the studies presented at ASCO have real and life-changing effects for people with cancer today and tomorrow. “the promise of precision medicine is only as good as our ability to make these treatments available to all patients,” said dr. johnson during his presidential address.

download the  ASCO 2018 report [pdf EN] télécharger le rapport ASCO 2018 [pdf FR]


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