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CADTH announces improvements to reimbursement review process

On June 5. 2023, CADTH unveiled a series of significant improvements aimed at enhancing health technology assessment (HTA) processes. The organization aims to adapt to changing regulatory and reimbursement landscapes while also improving the pathway for effective drugs to reach patients across Canada.

CADTH has committed to identifying and implementing several changes to the Drug Reimbursement Review process in the coming year, including;

  • exploring how to advance innovative concepts, such as outcome-based agreements and incorporating new evidence midstream in a review

  • improving committee deliberations to increase transparency and align with international best practices

  • piloting a new formulary management committee to create a sandbox within which to trial some of the new processes

In addition to process improvements, CADTH is committed to bringing greater transparency and clarity to its operations. The organization will explore ways to better engage with industry, clinicians, and patients, aiming to foster understanding, improve collaboration, and address stakeholder concerns.

CADTH's announcement of a series of improvements to the Drug Reimbursement Review process represents a significant step toward innovation and efficiency in health technology assessment. By streamlining processes, fostering collaboration, and increasing transparency, CADTH aims to ensure timely access to effective drugs for patients across Canada. These improvements, driven by stakeholder feedback and a commitment to adapt to changing circumstances, will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the healthcare landscape in the country.



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