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Using the pandemic as a catalyst for change, are there opportunities to transform cancer care in Canada, leveraging the adaptations and innovations as the driving force. Transforming cancer care with the same urgency as seen during COVID19, by learning from the challenges and successes of the pandemic response.

  • A coordinated global effort to the COVID19 pandemic led to the availability of 

lifesaving vaccines in under two years. Could the same results be obtained from better coordination to control cancer?

  • What key policy and systems level changes were implemented during the pandemic that can be used to improve cancer care?

  • What can be learned from the COVID19 pandemic to improve the resilience and readiness of cancer care systems in the future?

  • How did healthcare systems adapt to the pandemic and what were the most effective strategies that could be implemented for cancer control?

  • What are the key lessons that have been learned during the pandemic, and how can they be applied to improve cancer care in the future (including improved care for marginalized and underserved populations)?

The pandemic brought the world together to prevent, detect and treat the COVID19 virus. Why is cancer less important to prevent, detect and treat than COVID19?

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